Origin of Ayurveda


You may have heard of ayurvedic medicine, but where did it come from? Well, let’s dive into the origin of this type of helpful medicine, and what it’s done for you.

It comes from the old Vedic texts which are a focal part of Hinduism. Most of the contents that are related to this are actually from the Atharva Veda. The Vedas are the oldest texts out there in Indo-European language.

The classic text that does parallel in terms of time frame called the Charaka Samhita was written in the location of the Indus Valley at about 1000 BCD. It is the overall treatise on the medicine in general, and it’s what helped to evolve Ayurveda within the subcontinent as well.

The spread of Buddhism in the 6th century actually brought Ayurveda to Tibet, china, Sri Lanka, and even Mongolia and Korea.

The German ayurvedic texts are at least 1000 BCE, and they are a major contributor to medicine, especially when it comes to plastic surgery, the treatment of ear and eye conditions, psychiatry, gynecology, virility and sexology, and even pediatrics.

So, while it is Hindu in origin, it’s spread to other focal parts of the world as a result.

The word Itself

The word comes from Sanskrit, which means to know life. It’s the science of life, and it’s been practiced in India and other countries for hundreds of years to help make your life better.